The way you dress means you’re “asking for it”

What's the number 1 thing Bad Guys want from a victim? Safety.   Yup, safety. While some victims will be more "rewarding" than others, a Bad Guy can get some of what he wants from just about any victim. A mugger can still get the spare change from a beggar's pocket. A serial rapist can… Continue reading The way you dress means you’re “asking for it”

A barrier to women’s self defence – avoiding specifics

If you want feel-good, go somewhere else. If you want stuff that actually helps, read on.   Ask any woman and she'll say that she will defend themselves if necessary. Ask any woman about defending her kids and she’ll sound angry and determined, momma bear style, when saying “Bet your ass I will!” But there… Continue reading A barrier to women’s self defence – avoiding specifics

Should women carry guns?

There’s a short version and a long version of this answer. The short version is: Yes. The long version is a much more compelling story.   It's not really this: It's more like this: and this: Although what we all really want is this: For those of you who haven’t come across this complete gem… Continue reading Should women carry guns?