Targeting – How to attack the ears + free bonus method

The ears are great targets – they hurt, you can use them to control the head (and hence the rest of the body), you can do funny looking things while controlling the head. An impact can compress air into the ear canal and mess up someone’s balance (the inner ear getting disrupted is really disorientating,… Continue reading Targeting – How to attack the ears + free bonus method

Home invasion – The 4 D’s of home defense

This freaks me out. This kind of stuff will keep me awake at night if I let it. If you train, then watch this just before you train - you'll lift heavier, you'll sprint faster, you'll train harder than you thought you could or safely should. I do not want that to be me and… Continue reading Home invasion – The 4 D’s of home defense

Should I break up the fight?

My brother wrote me an e-mail a while ago about feeling like an asshole. He was out with some friends and everybody but him got into a fight outside a bar. He said he felt like a tool because he thinks he should’ve got involved and at the least dragged people off each other.  … Continue reading Should I break up the fight?

How to kill like Wyatt Earp – Deliberately

Killing someone deliberately is self-defense?   (Spoiler alert: it’s better than killing them “accidentally”)   Gabe Suarez has put out another great article. It’s thought-inducing, has very good points, and is mandatory reading for those of us who are protectors. In it Suarez looks at what Wyatt Earp considered the key to winning gunfights (it… Continue reading How to kill like Wyatt Earp – Deliberately

How do I know when the violence is going to start?

Short answer? If you’re worried about the answer, then it already has.   Most people view violence like they do hard-core porn* – they can’t define it, but they know it when they see it. So give it a try … what is violence? Can you define it?   Perhaps it’s not quite what you… Continue reading How do I know when the violence is going to start?

Why de-escalation works

De-escalation can take many forms, from using conversation to put yourself “on the same side” as the other guy (with mirroring or some other humanizing technique – i.e. the opposite of Othering) to Shadow Dancing, to pre-emptive violence that prevents more horrific violence later. Sometimes de-escalation works, sometimes it doesn’t.   No matter what de-escalation… Continue reading Why de-escalation works

How to dress to prevent rape? The things you weren’t told

Ok, chastity belt jokes aside, does dressing differently affect the chances of being raped? While some people want me to answer an unequivocal “Yes.”, other people will want me to answer a resounding “No.”. Other people don’t care what I say, they really just want it to be a “No.” so they can stick their… Continue reading How to dress to prevent rape? The things you weren’t told

Social boundaries and self defense – 3 things to teach your kids

Social boundaries are very important to our everyday lives. They're what stops somebody farting in front of his co-workers. They're what keeps Bad Guys from stealing your handbag. Oh, wait, I got that wrong. That's right – I got it now. Social boundaries do not exist. They are constructs. Imaginary things that most people enforce… Continue reading Social boundaries and self defense – 3 things to teach your kids