There is no safety

There is no such thing as safety. It is an illusion. You may be safe at any given time, or you may not. But safety, as a concept, doesn't exist. A video everyone should watch to remind them there's no difference between you and the people who get stabbed in these videos. What actions are… Continue reading There is no safety

Why Antifa can suck it

Here's the thing about angry people, they're functionally stupid.   There are 3 layers/zones/areas of the brain: Human brain - higher order functions (logic, self-control, basically all your executive functions etc.) Monkey brain - emotions (no explanation needed) Lizard brain - instincts, sub-conscious processes (breathing, desire, hunger)   In highly simplified terms, these 3 "brains"… Continue reading Why Antifa can suck it

How long does it take a criminal to find a victim?

I’ve written about the criminal Interview and Positionings before. But the problem is that writing about it makes it sounds slow and meticulous. Here’s an example to show you that the Interview and getting into Position can be carried out quickly. The Bad Guy can make a snap judgement about whether you’re an easy target… Continue reading How long does it take a criminal to find a victim?

For child safety TheMamaBearEffect gets 2 thumbs up!

Finally! Someone who teaches how to keep children safe - in a way that will actually help! I'm incredibly happy I found None of this "Don't talk to stangers" feel-good rubbish that everyone else regurgitates. Themamabeareffect has a no-bullshit-allowed attitude to child safety. If the child safety advice you read is: nice and simple makes… Continue reading For child safety TheMamaBearEffect gets 2 thumbs up!

The best article on avoiding rape?

If you are female, then you need to read Marc MacYoung's article on Rape Avoidance. This is not a complete how-to guide, but it is the single best article in existence when it comes to avoiding rape.   You may like what he has to say, you may not. But feelings don't keep you safe… Continue reading The best article on avoiding rape?

A barrier to women’s self defence – avoiding specifics

If you want feel-good, go somewhere else. If you want stuff that actually helps, read on.   Ask any woman and she'll say that she will defend themselves if necessary. Ask any woman about defending her kids and she’ll sound angry and determined, momma bear style, when saying “Bet your ass I will!” But there… Continue reading A barrier to women’s self defence – avoiding specifics

The harsh truth about achieving safety (and just about everything else in life)

This post is about one of the hardest things you can do in life. It's about overcoming momentum.   Here’s the thing about situational awareness, or paying attention to your surroundings. You can post about how you’re always in “condition yellow” at your favourite forum all you want. You can read up on all the… Continue reading The harsh truth about achieving safety (and just about everything else in life)