Why Antifa can suck it

Here's the thing about angry people, they're functionally stupid.   There are 3 layers/zones/areas of the brain: Human brain - higher order functions (logic, self-control, basically all your executive functions etc.) Monkey brain - emotions (no explanation needed) Lizard brain - instincts, sub-conscious processes (breathing, desire, hunger)   In highly simplified terms, these 3 "brains"… Continue reading Why Antifa can suck it

Why de-escalation works

De-escalation can take many forms, from using conversation to put yourself “on the same side” as the other guy (with mirroring or some other humanizing technique – i.e. the opposite of Othering) to Shadow Dancing, to pre-emptive violence that prevents more horrific violence later. Sometimes de-escalation works, sometimes it doesn’t.   No matter what de-escalation… Continue reading Why de-escalation works

Think you know about situational awareness? Play this game.

Want to improve you situational awareness, control presence and shadow dancing? Then you want the Chalk Game. I’ve talked about the Chalk Game a bit in the Shadow Dancing post, but it’s so much fun it deserves its own post.   What’s one of the main problems with attack drills in the dojo? It’s wooden, stilted, fake.… Continue reading Think you know about situational awareness? Play this game.