The 3 roots of anger (this REALLY explains SJWs)

There are 3 reasons why someone gets angry, and knowing them can help you understand yourself, and the people around you, a bit better. And in a bad situation, just might save your hide.   From Les Carter’s The Anger Workbook (via Marc MacYoung), the 3 root causes of anger are:   - Preserving essential… Continue reading The 3 roots of anger (this REALLY explains SJWs)

Why Antifa can suck it

Here's the thing about angry people, they're functionally stupid.   There are 3 layers/zones/areas of the brain: Human brain - higher order functions (logic, self-control, basically all your executive functions etc.) Monkey brain - emotions (no explanation needed) Lizard brain - instincts, sub-conscious processes (breathing, desire, hunger)   In highly simplified terms, these 3 "brains"… Continue reading Why Antifa can suck it