This is how you become more safe

The are 2 things everybody wants from the world. Good Guy, Bad Guy, doesn't matter, everybody wants these 2 things:   Low Risk. High Reward.   Is it WORTH it? Criminals. A guy going off to work. A woman looking for a relationship. We all want Low Risk/High Reward from everything we do. * Even if… Continue reading This is how you become more safe

How to end most of the world’s pain?

Could one article fix the world? No, but this one gets close. Johnny Pain has an article every boy should read (and reread every year) from about the time he hits puberty.   If the boys of the world grow up to be the men their fathers weren't, then many of the world's problems would… Continue reading How to end most of the world’s pain?

Being a gentleman is bullshit – the other side of the coin

The world at large has had the wool pulled over its eyes. It's been spun a yarn. Sold a bill of goods. And what's worse - it's harming boys and girls, marriages and parenting. What do you picture when you think of a gentleman? If you're anything like most people you picture someone well-dressed and… Continue reading Being a gentleman is bullshit – the other side of the coin

2 simple tricks to improve child safety (Child in trouble tactics – parenting and children part 3)

If the thought of your child running into an abductor or molester scares the shit out of you, then please read this article, because there's this simple trick to improve the safety of a child who's in trouble. Stupid simple, but it has a big effect on your kid's chances of running into molester/Bad Guy/abductor.… Continue reading 2 simple tricks to improve child safety (Child in trouble tactics – parenting and children part 3)

Training your mind to be stronger

This was a great post on mental training. It opens with a nice discussion on fear-based motivation vs reward-based motivation. It also gels really well with the mental training taught to the SEALs for fear control.   Here are Hazel Findlay's recommendations: Mental Training for a stronger mind 1) STEP ONE: ASK YOURSELF WHY 2)… Continue reading Training your mind to be stronger

Why don’t more women defend themselves?

Compassion plays a huge role in self defense. And it's the missing ingredient for a lot of women. If you don't love yourself, you won't defend yourself. Bad Guys will search out victims with low self-esteem for this very reason - these people make great victims because they have no compassion for themselves.   Paraphrasing… Continue reading Why don’t more women defend themselves?