But isn’t self defense just getting revenge

There’s a fine line between defending yourself and taking revenge. Let’s try find where that line is, and figure out how to not cross it.   The 1st difference Self defense is (among others things), anything you do to improve your safety, and improve your odds of going home safely that night. Most people associate… Continue reading But isn’t self defense just getting revenge

The 3 roots of anger (this REALLY explains SJWs)

There are 3 reasons why someone gets angry, and knowing them can help you understand yourself, and the people around you, a bit better. And in a bad situation, just might save your hide.   From Les Carter’s The Anger Workbook (via Marc MacYoung), the 3 root causes of anger are:   - Preserving essential… Continue reading The 3 roots of anger (this REALLY explains SJWs)

Training your mind to be stronger

This was a great post on mental training. It opens with a nice discussion on fear-based motivation vs reward-based motivation. It also gels really well with the mental training taught to the SEALs for fear control.   Here are Hazel Findlay's recommendations: Mental Training for a stronger mind 1) STEP ONE: ASK YOURSELF WHY 2)… Continue reading Training your mind to be stronger

Why don’t more women defend themselves?

Compassion plays a huge role in self defense. And it's the missing ingredient for a lot of women. If you don't love yourself, you won't defend yourself. Bad Guys will search out victims with low self-esteem for this very reason - these people make great victims because they have no compassion for themselves.   Paraphrasing… Continue reading Why don’t more women defend themselves?

What’s your flavour of motivation?

Are you making yourself miserable? Sounds like a stupid question, but what if the answer is yes?   After hurting myself in the gym (I was listening to good music and got a bit too enthusiastic about things) I’m been thinking about motivation and why we do things.   Nobody does anything without a reason… Continue reading What’s your flavour of motivation?

The politically incorrect guide to end BULLYING (that your mom will disapprove of)

TRIGGER WARNING! Please don’t read this if you eat chicken but don’t like to think about a chicken having to die for your supper – the rest of this article will make you profoundly uncomfortable.   This article is a must-read for parents of bully victims, and for the bully victims themselves.   There is… Continue reading The politically incorrect guide to end BULLYING (that your mom will disapprove of)

Why Antifa can suck it

Here's the thing about angry people, they're functionally stupid.   There are 3 layers/zones/areas of the brain: Human brain - higher order functions (logic, self-control, basically all your executive functions etc.) Monkey brain - emotions (no explanation needed) Lizard brain - instincts, sub-conscious processes (breathing, desire, hunger)   In highly simplified terms, these 3 "brains"… Continue reading Why Antifa can suck it

“Listen to your gut” is bullshit – what causes that Bad Feeling before shit happens

Everybody’s had that “bad feeling” now and then. Many a victim of rape, of robbery, of torture had a "sense" that something bad was about to happen to them. All the martial artists and self defence instructors in the world say “Trust your gut”. Well yahoo for them, if everybody’s “gut” is so fantastic why… Continue reading “Listen to your gut” is bullshit – what causes that Bad Feeling before shit happens

WikiHow’s ‘How to Identify a Pedophile” is a rare thing – useful

Here's a "How to spot a paedophile" article that isn't stupid, and is actually useful. Check out WikiHow's How to Identify a Pedophile.   While I don't agree with everything they wrote, and I think they left out important stuff, I think this is a great starting point for worried parents. In addition to reading… Continue reading WikiHow’s ‘How to Identify a Pedophile” is a rare thing – useful