27 muggings in 12 minutes – the speed dating of crime

Want to get a feel for blitzkrieg muggings? Watch this video.


I don’t know who in the world filmed this video, but it looks like some guy just sat at his window for the whole Brazil Olympics and videotaped the street outside.


These are almost all snatch-and-go, blitzkrieg style robberies. The BG’s don’t want to hang around long enough to get your wallet and your watch and the phone out your pocket. They want what they can see in your hands, around your neck, and what they can grab quickly. The nice thing is it’s fairly low risk to the victim too.


It not likely to look like this:

purse snatching struggle


It’s more likely to look like these:


High volume, low risk, low reward muggings these. Quick interview, quick positioning, quick crime. It’s like the speed dating of crime.

Just keep in mind the other styles of mugging have slightly different tactics.


Signs you’re about to get mugged:

  • Watch for the people who randomly change direction so they’re walking behind you or up to you.
  • Watch for the person looking at you.
  • Watch for someone trying to get close to you. See how many of these kids trailed behind people before snatching what’s in their hands.


Where you’re going to get mugged

You’re not going to get mugged or have your purse snatched at your cubicle at work. Some guy at the bar who’s been staring at you decides to walk up to you is probably just hopeful. But when you’re in a Fringe Area having someone stare at you is a bad sign. Having someone try to walk up to you is a bad sign.

Fringe Areas are where most of the bad stuff happens.

And don’t forget, some Fringe Area are subtle. Elevators; a quiet room at a loud party; a bathroom on campus.


Danger signs

Many crimes are done by professionals. They’re good at what they do, and the danger is minimal so long as you stay cool and play the role of calm co-operative victim***. And keep in mind some danger signs during any crime:

(Moving you during a crime likely means getting prosecuted for kidnapping – which in some places means a life sentence. So whoever is moving you is expecting to benefit enough to be worth serving life in prison. Torture, rape, murder.)

  • Trying to get you to do something degrading or humiliating

(It’s danger time when the BG tries to get a laugh or a thrill at someone else’s expense. Making someone beg or grovel. Sadistic humour. Rape and torture and murder are on the way.)

  • Going off script

(Not leaving after getting what they want; hyper-nervous jittery BG; Bad Guy starts talking or being friendly to the young female victim; tying you up AFTER the crime. Things are just likely to go bad for you.)


*** – Note that being a co-operative victim is a great in-the-moment survival strategy, but long term a society of pleasantly helpful victims has got big problems heading their way. There are 2 ways to not be a “good” victim. One is to fight and resist in the moment, but that ups your odds of helping your society by becoming a martyr (i.e. greater odds of you not going home that night). Two is to be proactive and make yourself and everyone around you a harder target so the criminal element in society slowly migrates away, looking for greener, easier, pastures.

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