Common sense driving skills for safety

The saddest part about the internet is how hard it is to find good advice through all the noise. ITS Tactical has some good old common sense advice on driving skills for the civilian interested in safety.

Read it now:

5 Tactical Driving Tips for the Everyday Civilian

By Wyatt Knox

Rarely, if ever, will you need to use advanced tactical driving skills as a civilian on the streets of the United States. The chances of driving into an ambush, encountering a hostile checkpoint, taking contact from another vehicle, or most other scenarios professionals train for are so low, that they’re most likely not worth training for as an everyday driver.

However, there are a few very specific and tactical driving techniques you can do to improve your daily driving habits and put yourself into favorable positions, should the need arise for some evasive maneuvering. Maybe you’re running late for an appointment and come across a road completely blocked for traffic, or you encounter some kind of protest, demonstration or other political/social event blocking your intended route. Perhaps the hair on the back of your neck just stands up and you decide it’s time to get the hell out of wherever you are.

The tips below are merely suggestions; basic skills that may help minimize risk to your vehicle and its occupants. They contribute to the mindset of being ready for anything you might encounter on the road.

Read the whole article

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