“She was asking for it” – where did it come from?

There’s something you’ll notice if you look for it – people mix up causation and correlation all the frickin time.


A look at stereotypes

What’s the profile of a girl who dresses excessively sexily (i.e. someone who crosses the sexy – slutty line)?

It’s most likely to be a girl desperate for attention and interaction (read: Daddy issues). This is also the girl who’s more likely to drink too much to fit in/appear cool/whatever. So we can draw the (rough, hugely approximated) conclusion that the girls who dress slutty are also likely to be the ones who drink till they pass out and do other high risk behaviour.

Go to a party and drink till she passes out? Check.

Go off alone with people she doesn’t know well enough to trust? Check.

Take mind-altering substances that reduce her ability to fight off an attacker? Check.

Take mind-altering substances (including booze) that will make it easier for a defense lawyer to get the rapist off the hook (because he can say “How can you remember what happened if you were drunk?”)? Check.


So the dressing sexy doesn’t make her more likely to get raped. It’s the stupid and dangerous behaviour that she does.


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Can dressing sexy actually put you at more risk? Read here to find out.

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