The way you dress means you’re “asking for it”

What’s the number 1 thing Bad Guys want from a victim?



Yup, safety. While some victims will be more “rewarding” than others, a Bad Guy can get some of what he wants from just about any victim. A mugger can still get the spare change from a beggar’s pocket. A serial rapist can satisfy some of his fucked up needs even with someone who doesn’t perfectly fit his preferred victim profile.

So if one victim can be (almost) as good as the next, why do Bad Guys pick one victim over another? They try to choose victims who won’t fight back.


Dressing to ask for it

So what does a Bad Guy see when he looks at a well-dressed, confident woman? Someone who takes care of herself and loves herself enough to fight back and call for help.

What does a Bad Guy see when he checks out a girl dressing to hide herself, with no self-esteem or self-worth? A safe victim who probably won’t fight back, and is much more likely to never tell anyone (because “Nobody loves me, so why would they even care.”)


That being said

Before you start wearing lingerie out the house, read up on other things to consider.

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