This is how you become more safe

The are 2 things everybody wants from the world. Good Guy, Bad Guy, doesn’t matter, everybody wants these 2 things:


Low Risk.

High Reward.


Is it WORTH it?

Criminals. A guy going off to work. A woman looking for a relationship. We all want Low Risk/High Reward from everything we do. *

Even if it’s something unhealthy, something bad for us – as long as we enjoy it (High Reward) and the risks appear to be far away, then we can bullshit ourselves that what we’re doing is low risk.

This is how people lead unhealthy lifestyles for so long (and I count criminals in that category).


Is it worth IT?

When someone says is it worth it, the “Worth” is the reward, and the “It” is the risk. People tend to forget that BG’s don’t only evaluate the reward they can get, but also the risk that goes with that reward.

You don’t really hear about Bad Guys breaking into Fort Knox very often do you?

fort knox.jpg

(Well, there are some exceptions …)Bernie Sanders meme.jpg

Nobody breaks into Fort Knox because the other thing BG’s want is Low Risk. Criminals are (by definition) selfish. What else do you call someone who will prioritise his desire for your wallet over your health (maybe even your life)? This means that criminals will also prioritise their safety above all else.

So how do you become more safe? Be someone the criminals see as a threat to their safety.


Is the reward worth dealing with YOU

Simple isn’t it?

Puts social justice warriors in perspective doesn’t it? Take off the Kumbaya, rose-coloured, peace-and-harmony sunglasses, and put on the “does it jeopardize their safety” sunglasses to look at any solution people propose for crime.

kumbaya singer
Uhhh, not so much.

Will telling all men they’re rapists (because they’re men) make the actual rapists any less safe? Actually no, it makes it easier for them to hide because now women are less able to spot the wolf among the sheep (wolves have 4 legs, watch out for anything with 4 legs).

Reducing poverty? Does it reduce the criminal’s safety? Nope – watch the video link.

Put BG’s in therapy? Does it reduce their safety?


There’s only one thing you can do to be universally more safe

You can make sure you don’t wear a fancy watch to the crappy side of town (I strongly recommend this). You can dress to fit in more (this too). But the fact is that there will always be some Bad Guy desperate enough to rob/rape you. There’s always somebody so messed up that any reward is a high reward to them.

So while reducing the criminals reward will improve your safety, there’ll always be someone who sees you as a juicy target.

But if you are seen as being a high risk target, then every criminal will be less likely to choose you for that day’s attack. Doesn’t mean they won’t pick you anyway, but becoming a High Risk target decreases your odds with every criminal (no matter how desperate).

So besides not doing stupid things like flashing cash and jewelry at a stupid place and stupid time, my advice to anyone looking to be safer is become a High Risk target. **

** – High Reward/Low Risk is evaluated differently by every criminal. Where the tolerance for risk lies, and what the criminal is after is an individual thing. Think of it as a fence between you and some ice-cream. Is it a big fence or a small fence? Is it vanilla ice-cream or chocolate? so knowing what crime concerns you the most makes a difference to your safety plan.

** – What makes a High Risk target isn’t only stuff like being able to fight (and fight most definitely is not the same thing as defending yourself). Things like awareness and body language play a huge role as well.


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