Anti-hijacking case study (lessons to be learned)

Great video showing an avoided hijacking recently:



The lessons are as follows:


Lesson 1

It probably wasn’t quick thinking that saved this almost-victim. It was having thought long and deep about the topic beforehand. Spur-of-the-moment decisions usually work best when you’ve been contemplating the in’s and out’s of that topic for a long time. Practising helps a crap-load too.


Lesson 2

In order for someone to choose you as a victim they need to evaluate you. For contact crimes (i.e. hijacking and muggings etc.) this means physically looking at you. If you see someone paying attention consider that they might not just be checking out your good looks.

The car with the hijacker slowed down to evaluate the Porsche. This was clue number 1 that something bad is brewing.

Please note that it doesn’t have to take a long time for a Bad Guy to decide if you’d be a good victim or not.


Lesson 3

In order for someone to hijack/mug/rape/rob/murder you, they usually have to get close to you. This means they have to approach you.

There are all manner of ways to disguise the approach. If you are somewhere full of people, then someone approaching you has less meaning. But if you’re somewhere where crimes are more likely, then someone approaching you is clue number 2. Especially if they were paying attention to you before.


So what’s clue number 3 that someone is there to make you a victim? The actual crime itself. Let’s try to accept that 2 clues are plenty for decision-making purposes.


Bonus lesson

There’s a another clue to look for if you want to know about it.


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