How feminism can get you raped?

99% correct – feminists need to pay attention to this video:

Why does he pick on feminists? Because they’re the most likely to walk around feeling superior to others, including men. And this absolutely falls under the heading of false sense of security.

Feeling superior makes you walk around feeling “above” people. And when that happens you find it hard to think of someone as a threat.

Case in point – Nicole DuFresne. Actress in New York who was shot in the head during a mugging. Her last words while looking at the mugger were “What are you going to do now, shoot us?”


Women are superior – in certain ways

Women are superior to men in a lot of ways – multi-tasking, having babies, being good looking, having more social intelligence, for example. But being physically superior is not one of them. A general rule of thumb is that even a weakling of a man can physically overpower any woman.

And this is not a sign that men are evil bastards, it’s a sign that almost every man you know goes around his whole life with NO desire to overpower and rape a woman.


I disagree STRONGLY

With his statements about not resisting rape. I disagree. I definitely think resistance is the best strategy.



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