Hot to Spot Bad Guys – concealed weapon giveaways

I like spotting Bad Guys before any trouble starts (in case you hadn’t noticed). Life is much easier if you know in advance what trouble is heading your way.


One of the ways to spot a Bad Guy is to watch for someone carrying a concealed weapon. There are only 2 conclusions to draw if you spot someone carrying a concealed weapon

– this is a Bad Guy; or

– this is a Good Guy


If the guy walks up to you, assume he’s a BG. If he leaves you alone, could be either.


Spotting concealed weapons

Once you know what to look for when checking for weapons, you can use this knowledge in 2 ways: Preventatively when scanning people in Fringe Areas; Or, you can scan anybody that approaches you to check if there are any weapons giveaways (someone walking up to you in a Fringe Area who is shifting something on his waist = BAD NEWS).


So today I present a “spotting concealed weapons” chart that I cribbed off the website:

spotting hidden gun infographic.jpg


Obviously there are no guarantees that someone concealing a weapon will display any of these behaviours, but this knowledge (and the will to apply it) stacks the deck in your favour, and against the BG’s favour.


I don’t put much stock in the “uneven gait” example, simply because I see so many people walking around with bad body mechanics (and stiff legs and injuries and pains) that it’s the exception to see someone with an even gait.


For me, the 3 I look for the most are the quick adjustment, the bulge, and the hand rests on gun (and I know that I’m very guilty of the Running from the rain giveaway when I run around with my kids). I will be making a point of looking for the other giveaways, even if it’s just for extra practice. I think I’ll start with looking for people with pants that sag more to one side than the other (thanks Gentlemint).




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