Why women need weapons – a video illustration of the point

Men and women are different! I write about physical violence for men and women – preventing, avoiding, and escaping from it. So I care about physical differences, and others, between men and women. And I gotta tell you, women are the weaker sex. Pick any sport or physical activity and compare World or Olympic records between the genders. There’s a reason why men don’t compete against women in anything physical – they are better.


Which brings us to the important point – women need to carry weapons! You can take all the “empowering” self defence classes (if you can call them that) you want, if they don’t cover weapons and that you should carry them, then they are not worth your time. And I’m not talking about stun guns (the world’s most ineffective “weapon”), I’m talking knives and guns here (pepper spray has its place too, but it’s not the panacea people make it out to be).


Here’s a video of 3 lady cops (a 4th one joins them) completely failing to arrest one lone man. Please note that the only time that the guy was on the ground was when a (male) bystander put him there.


Women are weaker than men. This is not a judgement, this is an observation of fact. This video is a great example of what that means for women in a physically violent confrontation.


Watch how he fights them. He’s not even being particularly aggressive towards them (watch a UFC fight for comparison). He even looks like he’s fighting them “like girls” – like he’s toning down the potential damage because they’re girls.


Women are less aggressive

Of special note is the fact that the women are reluctant to get close to him. Reluctant to hit him. Women, as a rule, are less aggressive than men. Combine that with women being physically weaker …


Here’s a girl teaching the palm strike:


Here’s a boy teaching the slap:


This is why women need to train to turn on the aggression at the drop of a hat (and turn it off again just as quickly, to prevent crossing from self defense into assault). Actually, men need to train like this too, but it’s generally more of a problem for women than men.


The video of the lady cops trying ti arrest the disorderly man also shows why women need weapons. A man will be able to overpower a woman. There are precious few exceptions, and basing your safety on the hope that you will be an exception is not a good plan. If a man wants to grab you and drag you off behind a dumpster, or shove you in a car – he will do so. And you will not win by fighting against his strength (e.g. by trying to wrestle or out-power him back). Attacking him back might help. Weapons might help (a knife getting stuck into his groin repeatedly has a better chance of changing a rapist’s mind that any “social reform” program does).


Women should carry weapons and train with them. Hard.


Here’s a simple training plan for women, to get you started.

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