The police are not there to protect you – don’t go to stupid places …

Here’s a nice (bad?) news story –  some teenagers got beat up by a group of people outside a petrol station (gas station). Someone called the cops. Cops arrived. Cops watched. Beating continued.


Here’s some video of what happened.



You are on your own. It’s not something new. It’s always been that way.


It’s not something to get angry about. You don’t stop eating and get pissed off that someone doesn’t magically appear to spoon feed you – eating is one of the things you do to look after yourself. Well personal safety is another of those things.


Simple self responsibility. Our species has been looking after itself for a while now. It’s only in recent year that people have convinced themselves that there’s this fairy-tale “someone else” who is supposed to look after us, for us. And in the case of laws – “someone else” is supposed to look after us, even against our own wishes (tax on booze, tax on cigarettes.


Cops exist to use force to enforce someone else’s laws on the population at large. They do not exist to protect you, defend you, or help you. This video is just one of many incidents that prove this.


There are some “good” cops (i.e. they do what people mistakenly think is the job description), but those ones are going beyond the job description. The rest are “just doing their jobs” – which doesn’t involve protecting you, but responding after the event.


You are responsible for you. You want to violate the 4 S rule and go to a petrol station at 3 a.m. on a Sunday you need to know the risks before you make that decision.

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