Great scenes from the movies -the open hand throat shot

Hit him really hard and he dies. So if you just want to reset his OODA loop, don’t hit him too hard. 


One of the benefits of using the web of your hand to impact the throat is that there’s a built in cushion. Helps expand your room for error (slightly).



The other benefit is that you can practice on yourself if you’re not sure how hard to hit someone.

Without further ado, here’s Liev Schreiber and Gary Sinise demonstrating a web-of-hand-throat-attack used to completely reset the guy’s OODA Loop (and possibly kill him – I don’t remember how the scene ended). Just remember – this is a MOVIE. Make believe. Don’t take Liev Schreiber’s reaction too seriously. Just observe how nice and fast and sneaky a decent throat shot can be.


And here’s a less useful (from a technique point of view) scene of using a similar throat attack to very quickly get past someone blocking your way (think being surrounded).


And here’s a real life example of someone doing it, just rather badly (as you can see, it’s not a magic bullet that works perfectly every time).







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