Look like prey and you will be eaten

Look like prey and you will be eaten

This is a great one to tell yourself when you’re getting dressed in the morning (pistol, spares, knife). Or when you’re going for a heavy squat PR. Or when you’re  on the range.


This is motivating stuff.


While I technically disagree with the statement (everyone looks like food, it’s whether you’re worth the meal), I agree entirely with the sentiment. You can eat a wolf, but a sheep is much easier to turn into a meal.


While you’re profiling for Bad Guys, the Bad Guy’s are profiling you too.


You and your neighbour, Bob, both go to the ATM late at night* (which violates the 4 S rule). Bob sits in his car reading Facebook for a few minutes before he gets out. When he gets up to the ATM he puts his phone away and then fumbles around in his pocket for his wallet (while facing the ATM). Then he messes about, looking down, trying to get the cash into his wallet while he’s walking back to the car. Then he drives home with the window down and the doors unlocked.


When you get to the ATM parking lot you take a 360 scan around you before switching off, unlocking and hopping out. You give another scan as you start walking towards the ATM. You face away from the ATM when getting the card out your pocket (you already got it ready to avoid fiddling with your wallet). You check behind you during the whole withdrawing cash process. When you finish you scan around you and put the cash away with almost zero looking down at your hands (maybe you just shove it into your pocket). Then you scan again as you get in the car, lock your doors and drive away. Total time? 10 seconds of scanning.


Who looked like a tasty sheep, moving all slow and dragging a limp leg behind it?


Who looked like they might be a sheep, except for the flashes of grey fur, claws and razor sharp teeth showing through – almost like there was a wolf hiding in those sheep’s clothes?



Looking like a wolf is not enough. The wolf doesn’t kill its prey with looks. You have to be a wolf.


You control your life. You are in charge of your own thoughts, words and deeds. It is up to you to put in effort and make yourself into a wolf.


Your choice – what do you want to look like to the rest of the world?

sheep baby easy meal.png

This is Bob.

WOLF mess about.png







Is this you?.








* – Who are we kidding, you plan better than that, you go during daylight hours.




4 thoughts on “Look like prey and you will be eaten”

  1. I liked this one. Shared it to the GunSite South Africa group on Facebook – not sure if it has to be approved first.

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  2. […] 4 – Take 10 minutes (tops) and figure out what Fringe Areas you pass through in your week (there are some lesser known ones too). Then make yourself notice when you are in a Fringe Area. This will make it easier for you to resist checking your phone or thinking about what worries you when you’re in one of these areas (because if you look like prey you will be eaten). […]


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