Targeting – How to attack the ears + free bonus method

The ears are great targets – they hurt, you can use them to control the head (and hence the rest of the body), you can do funny looking things while controlling the head. An impact can compress air into the ear canal and mess up someone’s balance (the inner ear getting disrupted is really disorientating, and usually hurts something bad to boot). Plus, everyone thinks about punching people in the face – attacking the ears can be unexpected. Attacking the ears can be sneaky. Attacking the ears can be treacherous. Thus, we must learn about it.


So what are the “best”TM ways to attack the ears?



You can slap the ear (slightly cupped hand), or just plain pummel it with palmheel strikes. Pain, possible disorientation. If the head whips about nicely it can even make the BG unconscious.



You can pull (or even rip) the ear. There are 2 secrets to doing this:

Number 1 – grab it hard, don’t let it slip out your hand (easier said than done).

Number 2 – Pull the ear along the side of the head, not away from the head (it’s more likely to slip out your hand if you pull away). Choose whoich way you want the head to go and “steer” it. Turn sideways to help expose targets and take his hands away from your targets. Lift the head to control the spine and compromise his structure (ie.e “balance”, a.k.a. his connection to the ground) and thus take away his ability to generate power.



BITE IT! If the head is close enough, or you can grab his head and bring it close (like a warm fuzzy group hug) then bite his ear. Preferably don’t give a quick bite and let go (and don’t let him pull away quick – that’s why you “hug” his head). The longer you can latch onto his ear, the more he’s liable to freak out and have the overwhelming urge to get the fuck away from you (a nice turnaround from him attacking you).


Let’s see a quick example of this in action. I’m sure you haven’t come across this video before.


Unexpected? Check.

Reset his OODA loop? Most likely – Check.

Rip the initiative right out of his head hands?  A good chance – Check.


FREE Bonus ear attack technique

Here’s your extra, bonus technique for attacking the ears. This one is recommended only for non self-defense related incidents – i.e. don’t do this unless you want to cross into illegal territory. If anyone can think of a way that this could actually be legal, by all means, drop a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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