Safe Spaces and self defense

Let’s begin with a premise: Anything that absolves you from personal responsibility puts you in danger. This is not blaming the victim, this is acknowledging that the victim DOES have an effect on their lives. I blame the Bad Guy for doing bad things, but I expect the potential victim to take all steps possible to prevent those things from happening. Is a rapist responsible for his actions? Yes. Is the victim responsible for the rapist’s actions? No. Could the victim have prevented it? Maybe. Going to one extreme, pulling her Glock and putting a burst into the potential rapist’s head would certainly have prevented things from going further. This is the victim’s choice. The victim isn’t responsible, but they can choose to take steps to protect themselves.


You don’t throw a bucket of blood into a shoal of tuna during the tuna run, and then go surfing there. Why not? Because the conditions are perfect for sharks to be going wild. You don’t fall asleep on train tracks. You especially don’t do these things and then yell and protest against “irresponsible train-driving culture” or “shark culture”. Why not? Because these things aren’t political, and so it’s easier to see and say that we play a role in what happens to us. All those people that think a woman should be able to get passed-out drunk in an isolated room at a one-piece fraternity party and have nothing bad happen are right. They should be able to do that. However, these conditions are perfect for sharks rapists to be having a field day. I should also be able to leave my TV in my front garden and the doors unlocked and have nothing stolen. But I’m pretty sure all those make-the-rapist-change-his-ways protestors still lock their homes when they leave in the mornings. There aren’t any “TV theft culture” protests because it’s not political.


Now, let’s move onto “safe spaces”. A safe space, in contemporary universiteese speak, refers to a suitably demarked area where you can relax safe in the knowledge that nobody will confront you with uncomfortable/challenging ideas or thoughts will bother you. Again, notice where the responsibility lies, i.e. with the other person. They must leave you alone. They must want to leave you alone.


Anything that absolves you from taking responsibility, anything that takes time away from you getting shit done (especially by trying to get somebody else to do shit for you) is a waste of time. Dangerously so because it brainwashes you into expecting the rest of the world to leave you alone.


Me? When I want to be left alone, I put in the required effort to make it happen.


University is a place to be challenged by new ideas, to CONFRONT new thoughts, especially uncomfortable ones (they usually challenge you the most); by their nature university debates are confrontational things – this is how we grow, overcoming/taming/mastering challenges. The mark of an educated mind is that it can entertain an idea without necessarily accepting it (implying that an uneducated/unintellectual mind will just accept whatever it’s told). Well the “safe spaces” people are avoiding ideas completely.


What is a safe space?

My home is my safe space. I made it so. I put in the effort to keep out BG’s. I planted thorny bushes along fences. I put up outside spotlights. I trained a our large dog. It has burglar bars over the windows. Your university spineless “safe space” is the same as leaving the door to your house open with the TV unplugged and packaged by the door, ready to go. And you’re expecting the world (i.e. the state) to keep the BG’s away? And then you whine when someone makes you feel an uncomfortable thought? What happens when they steal your TV? Gonna complain about those mean BG’s? Everybody knows there’re BG’s. Everybody knows that laws and words don’t do squat. That’s why doors come with locks. Most people understand the reality. “Safe Space” people are trying to change their reality by complaining that you don’t like it.


Basically these people are trying to make a political point in public. And what do we know about being politically active in public? It often leads to riots/police clashes. Inviting (some might say invoking) police action against yourself isn’t a good way to stay safe.


My home is my safe space. I have fortified it to make it so. I am a walking safe space. I carry tools to help effect this. I try to educate myself the best I can so that I can spot trouble from as far off as possible so that I don’t need the tools. Why is the space around me safe (for my wife and kids)? Because I made it so. Why is your safe space “safe”? Because you told the world to make it so. Enjoy your designated, static, not-really “safe space” (see social boundaries).


For any angry “safe spacers”, the only thing left to say to you is this.



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